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Tokenization Consulting

Tokenization means representing an asset or a right using a token on a blockchain. Can be a native digital asset or a real-world asset. It is a process that involves different aspects: technical, financial, legal, marketing.

Explore our tokenization consulting service.

NFT creation and sale

NFT market is growing very fast, see what services we can offer related to NFT creation, sale, and marketing.

Custody and Staking solutions

Institutional investors, corporations, in general every entity that must comply with enterprise procedures and secure measures, need a professional custody service for their crypto assets. Self custody can be risky and not allow, or not yet regulated by the specific legal framework of your country. BrightNode can offer banking grade solutions for your crypto custody assets.

Staking is the ability to produce new crypto tokens from holding you crypto coins in specific hardware and software nodes. Staking produces the reward from validating blockchain transactions with your committed coins. BrightNode can offer an integrated custody + staking service that reduce the overall cost and take from you any management or tech requirements.

Access to the best Tech Providers in the Crypto market

BrightNode has established and verified several partnerships with the best tech and service providers in the crypto industry, giving to our clients the most effective solutions to their technological needs. You don’t have to put yourself expose to uncertainty and complexity, we can select the right partner, product and service, that you need to integrate in your blockchain project.

Crypto Payment gateways

Looking to integrate cryptocurrencies payment capabilities in your existing business? BrightNode has many different solutions that can easily integrate via API.

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