Company Tokenization

Switzerland is one of the main countries chosen by crypto companies or companies willing to utilize blockchain technology in their business.
In September 2020, the Swiss parliament passed the DLT Act. It establishes Switzerland as a leader in the field and lays the foundation for transforming the financial infrastructure from centralized to decentralized. In particular, the law authorizes a new form of uncertified securities, issued and managed on a DLT register. Read more

Thanks to the new Swiss DLT law, companies in Switzerland can finally issue their shares in the form of non-certified securities using a DLT register.

BrightNode offer a complete company tokenization process, to enhance your business using the power of tokens and blockchain technology.

BrightNode Company Tokenization Services

Incorporation in Switzerland:

  • Our legal and notary partners can support you on the process to create a new company with the required statute, or modify the statute of an existing company. The statute will expressly contain the option to represent shares in the form of tokens on a blockchain.

Technical operations relating to the basic tokenization process of company shares:

  • Deploy of the dedicated smart contract;
  • Mint of tokens according to the most common blockchain standards;
  • Support for the creation of the Customer’s crypto wallet;
  • Transfer of tokens to the address of the Customer’s crypto wallet;
  • Support for the first transfer of tokens to shareholders’ addresses.
  • Restricted access web page, to be integrated into the Client’s website, where you can periodically see the availability of dividends in the form of tokens.

Additional features:

  • Creating a more advanced version of the Smart Contract which provides for integration with parts identification systems (KYC / AML).
  • Providing voting rights exercised through the use of the token.
  • List of recipients of previously approved tokens (whitelist address).
  • Technical support

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