The goal of Monetum Project is to facilitate payments for everyone, both in the crypto and fiat worlds, as well bridging the two worlds. To make this possible Monetum Project wants to create regulated and compliant all-in-one solution. The base coin of this environment is called Monetum, it allows the of access to your funds anytime and anywhere. It is a fiat payment processing solution bridged onto a crypto gateway and exchange. Monetum also provides a single, secure wallet to access all your funds, either crypto or fiat, supported by Open Banking integrations. For more information visit Monetum website.

BrightNode provides the following professional services during the pre-ICO and ICO phase:

  • Marketing strategy and activity planning, in particular focusing on social media presence and community management as well as Bounty campaign set up.
  • Presentation of the project at public and private events in Italy and Switzerland, connecting Monetum to our Swiss network.
  • Exchange listing services: analysis and identification of advisables exchanges where to issue the Monetum token.
  • Sales Services, with the development of commercial relations on Monetum and/or Paytah services.
  • Modeling of a financial tool for investors based on a security token and creation of the term sheet and addendum.

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