Tokenization Consulting

Tokenization means representing an asset or a right using a token on a blockchain. Can be a native digital asset or a real-world asset.

It is a process that involves different aspects: technical, financial, legal, marketing.

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Real-World Asset Tokenization

Tokenization can unlock the value and liquidity of illiquid assets, through data transparency, efficiency of the transaction, and easier price discovery.

It allow fractional ownership of the asset.

Native Digital Assets Tokenization

Utility Tokens, or fungible tokens
used for example to create coupons that can be redeemed for goods or services.

Collectibles, using non fungible tokens (NFTs)
that represents a single digital content on the blockchain. There will be no other token identical to this one. The token can be used to represent unique objects, like limited art pieces.

Use cases

Tokenization of luxury goods &Blockchain Digital Passport

  • Details about ownership
  • Change ownership log
  • Track the product life cycle
  • NFT token represent a specific good
  • Protect against counterfeiting
  • Security & Transparency
  • Supports Supply Chain Management
  • B2C Loyalty increase

Marketing & Branding Tool

  • Paperless environmentally friendly approach to certification
  • Promotion of the official service network
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Exclusive Club & VIP client platform
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Token rewards & fidelity cards

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