Tokenomics consulting

Today the old ICOs are substituted by liquidity pools and DeFi protocols. Tokenomics is the field that studies the design of economic systems based on blockchain technology.

BrightNode support your project’s design of Tokenomics exploring the following topics:

  • Nature of the token – Main function of the token (Governance, Security, Utility)

  • Usability – Token use cases and the reward mechanisms for the participants and stakeholders

  • Monetary policy – How does the token is distributed

  • Governance – Who has decision-making power in the network

  • Financial analysis and forecast based on the overall business plan of the project

  • Legal & fiscal opinion on the project’s Tokenomics

In order to create a winning Tokenomics it is necessary to study the metrics that affect the value of the token and create a set of rules and use cases, an economy, which uses these metrics correctly.

Tokenomics Dashboard

Tokenomics Delivery

BrightNode support your project in the Tokenomics design: technical standards, economic incentives, innovative DeFi opportunities.

BrightNode has a long experience in defining different categories of token: governance, utility, security, NFTs.

We can support your request, BrightNode offer complete assessment of project’s tokenomics or just review and suggestions.

We deliver two documents: 

Tokenomics Deck

1) tokenomics dashboard spreadsheet, with every parameter that affects your token economics and business forecast (incentives, staking, yield, growth, bonus, etc.).

2) tokenomics deck, containing token strategy description, and summary from the dashboard.

We bring our market expertise and suggest the most appropriate DeFi tools to execute your token sale.

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